Tool Carts

Railroad Tool Cart

The Rail Tool Cart was designed to conveniently store and organize our small service tools. It also allows for safe transportation to the work/service location within your shop.

Draft Gear compressor Cart

Makes transportation and storage of the DGC80T and accessories easy and convenient.



A lightweight cross key and pin puller with a three point harnessing system and is capable of using a 360° articulated pin puller adapter, a low profile pulling fork adapter, a 360° quick pull adapter, or a 360° reverse pull adapter to provide safe, flexible use.

Patented dovetail design allows multiple adapters to be used with a single pull frame. All adapters are placed on the work area and attached to the KE Pull with a dovetail fitting. This reduces the need for heavy lifting.
Rotating adapters allow for locating the best reaction points.

KE-Pull Adapters

360° Articulated Pin Puller Adapter

Low Profile Pulling Forks

Used where there is no room
between the train line and the key

360° Quick Pull Adapter

Used when there is room between
the key head and the train line

360° Reverse Pull Adapter

Key is removed by cutting off the key
head and pulling from the back side

Draft Gear Compressor

draft gear compressor

Use for the safe removal and installation of a railcar draft gear E, F, or rotary type couplers.

Pin Release Tool

Pin Release Tool

Designed to aid in the safe and fast removal and installation of gagging pins by simultaneously depressing both friction castings from a single cylinder.

Friction Shoe Press

Friction Shoe Press

A precise, flexible, and maneuverable tool to aid in the safe removal and installation of both friction shoe retaining pins simultaneously.