Making Work SAFE!


Hydra-Tech International is a Calgary, Alberta, Canada based manufacturer of large hydraulic jacks and specialized hydraulic tools providing lifting and specialized tool solutions for the Railway, Mining and Construction Industries. The company’s rugged, high quality, innovative products are at work around the globe providing lifting, hydraulic tool and safety solutions to a variety of industrial users.

Picture of Downtown Calgary, Alberta

Hydra-Tech International began life in 1975 as a distributor of industrial tools and supplies but has now evolved into an industry leading manufacturer of hydraulic jacks and hydraulic tools. Hydra-Tech products include a variety of different size hydraulic jacks (60 ton through to 175 ton capacities); a variety of specialty hydraulic tools developed for the railway industry and some special “other” tools that have been developed for the mining industry.
Hydra-Tech International is a division of GLBH Group Manufacturing Ltd. who has business holdings and is active in North America, South America and Southeast Asia. GLBH Group Manufacturing Ltd. has been in business over 80 years and through its subsidiary companies provides a variety of business solutions and services in 5 distinct business areas.
Hydra-Tech International has always looked to our customers to provide us with the impetus to develop our tools. Many of our tool designs came about as a direct request by our customers to develop tools for specific applications that would make the job simpler, easier and above all else safer. We take pride in the fact that our tools provide safe, efficient alternatives for real world situations and challenges.

Please have a look around our website and if you see anything that catches your interest or would like to ask questions about, please feel free to give us a call at our direct line at 403-720-7740.